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Year - 2019. 112 Minute. . Casts - Kristin Scott Thomas, Gaby French. Writed by - Rachel Tunnard. rating - 123 Votes. 20 WHEN YOU TAKE THE FIELD against an enemy and are faced by horses and chariots and an army greater than yours, do not be afraid of them; for the LORD your God, who brought you out of Egypt, will be with you. When you are about to join battle, the priest shall come forward and address the army in these words: 'Hear, O Israel, this day you are joining battle with the enemy; do not lose heart, or be afraid, or give way to panic in face of them; for the LORD your God will go with you to fight your enemy for you and give you the victory. ' Then the officers shall address the army in these words: 'Any man who has built a new house and has not dedicated it shall go back to his house; or he may die in battle and another man dedicate it. Any man who has planted a vineyard and has not begun to use it shall go back home; or he may die in battle and another man may use it. Any man who has pledged himself to take a woman in marriage and has not taken her shall go back home; or he may die in battle and another man take her. ' The officers shall further address the army: 'Any man who is afraid and has lost heart shall go back home; or his comrades will be dis- couraged as he is. ' When these officers have finished addressing the army, commanders shall be appointed to lead it. When you advance on a city to attack it, make an offer of peace. If the city accepts the offer and opens its gates to you, then all the people in it shall be put to forced labour and shall serve you. If it does not make peace with you but offers battle, you shall besiege it, and the LORD your God will deliver it into your hands. You shall put all its males to the sword, but you may take the women, the dependants, and the cattle for yourselves, and plunder everything else in the city. You may enjoy the use of the spoil of your enemies which the LORD your God gives you. That is what you shall do to cities at a great distance, as opposed to those which belong to nations near at hand. In the cities of these nations whose land the LORD your God is giving you as a patrimony, you shall not leave any creature alive. You shall annihilate them——Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, Jebusites——as the LORD your God commands you, so that they may not teach you to imitate all the abominable things that they have done for their gods and so cause you to sin against the LORD your God. When you are at war, and lay siege to a city for a long time in order to take it, do not destroy its trees by taking the axe to them, for they provide you with food; you shall not cut them down. The trees of the field are not men that you should besiege them. But you may destroy or cut down any trees that you know do not yield food, and use them in siege-works against the city that is at war with you, until it falls. 21 When a dead body is found lying in open country, in the land which the LORD your God is giving you to occupy, and it is not known who struck the blow, your elders and your judges shall come out and measure the distance to the surrounding towns to find which is nearest. The elders of the town shall take a heifer that has never been mated or worn a yoke, and bring it down to a ravine where there is a stream that never runs dry and the ground is never tilled or sown, and there in the ravine they shall break its neck. The priests, the sons of Levi, shall then come forward; for the LORD your God has chosen them to minister to him and to bless in the name of the LORD, and their voices shall be decisive in all cases of dispute and assault. Then all the elders of the town nearest to the dead body shall wash their hands over the heifer whose neck has been broken in the ravine. They shall solemnly declare: 'Our hands did not shed this blood, nor did we witness the bloodshed. Accept expiation, O LORD, for thy people Israel whom thou hast redeemed, and do not let the guilt of innocent blood rest upon thy people Israel: let this bloodshed be expiated on their behalf. ' Thus, by doing what is right in the eyes of the LORD, you shall rid yourselves of the guilt of innocent blood. When you wage war against your enemy and the LORD your God delivers them into your hands and you take some of them captive, then if you see a comely woman among the captives and take a liking to her, you may marry her. You shall bring her into your house, where she shall shave her head, pare her nails, and discard the clothes which she had when captured. Then she shall stay in your house and mourn for her father and mother for a full month. After that you may have intercourse with her; you shall be her husband and she your wife. But if you no longer find her pleasing, let her go free. You must not sell her, nor treat her harshly, since you have had your will with her. When a man has two wives, one loved and the other unloved, if they both bear him sons, and the son of the unloved wife is the elder, then, when the day comes for him to divide his property among his sons, he shall not treat the son of the loved wife as his first-born in contempt of his true first- born, the son of the unloved wife. He shall recognize the rights of his first- born, the son of the unloved wife, and give him a double share of all that he possesses; for he was the firstfruits of his manhood, and the right of the first-born is his. When a man has a son who is disobedient and out of control, and will not obey his father or his mother, or pay attention when they punish him, then his father and mother shall take hold of him and bring him out to the elders of the town, at the town gate. They shall say to the elders of the town, 'This son of ours is disobedient and out of control; he will not obey us, he is a wastrel and a drunkard. ' Then all the men of the town shall stone him to death, and you will thereby rid yourselves of this wickedness. All Israel will hear of it and be afraid. When a man is convicted of a capital offence and is put to death, you shall hang him on a gibbet; but his body shall not remain on the gibbet overnight; you shall bury it on the same day, for a hanged man is offensive in the sight of God. you shall not pollute the land which the LORD your God is giving you as your patrimony. 22 WHEN YOU SEE A FELLOW COUNTRY-MAN'S OX or sheep straying, do not ignore it but take it back to him. If the owner is not a near neighbour and you do not know who he is, take the animal into your own house and keep it with you until he claims it, and then give it back to him. Do the same with his ass or his cloak or anything else that your fellow-countryman has lost, if you find it. You may not ignore it. When you see your fellow-countryman's ass or ox lying on the road, do not ignore it; you must help him lift it to its feet again. No woman shall wear an article of man's clothing, nor shall a man put on a woman's dress; for those who do these things are abominable to the LORD your God. When you come across a bird's nest by the road, in a tree or on the ground, with fledglings or eggs in it and the mother bird on the nest, do not take both mother and young. Let the mother-bird go free, and take only the young; then you will prosper and live long. When you build a new house, put a parapet along the roof, or you will bring the guilt of bloodshed on your house if anyone should fall from it. You shall not sow your vineyard with a second crop, or the full yield will be forfeit, both the yield of the seed you sow and the fruit of the vine- yard. You shall not plough with the ox and ass yoked together. You shall not wear clothes woven with two kinds of yarn, wool and flax together. You shall make twisted tassels on the four corners of your cloaks which you wrap round you. When a man takes a wife and after having intercourse with her turns against her and brings trumped-up charges against her, giving her a bad name and saying, 'I took this woman and slept with her and did not find proof of virginity in her', then the girl's father as mother shall take the proof of her virginity to the elders of the town, at the town gate. The girl's father shall say to the elders, 'I gave my daughter in marriage to this man, and he has turned against her. He has trumped up a charge and said, "I have not found proofs of virginity in your daughter. " Here are the proofs. ' They shall then spread the garment before the elders of the town. The elders shall take the man and punish him: they shall fine him a hundred pieces of silver because he has given a bad name to a virgin of Israel, and hand them to the girl's father. She shall be his wife: he is not free to divorce her all his life long. If, on the other hand, the accusation is true and no proof of the girl's virginity is found, then they shall bring her out to the door of her father's house and the men of her town shall stone her to death. She has committed an outrage in Israel by playing the prostitute in her father's house: you shall rid yourselves of this wickedness. When a man is discovered lying with a married woman, they shall both die, the woman as well as the man who lay with her: you shall rid Israel of this wickedness. When a virgin is pledged in marriage to a man and another man comes upon her in the town and lies with her, you shall bring both of them out to the gate of that town and stone them to death; the girl because, although in the town, she did not cry for help, and the man because he dishonoured another man's wife: you shall rid yourselves of this wickedness. If the man comes upon such a girl in the country and rapes her, then the man alone shall die because he lay with her. You shall do nothing to the girl, she has done nothing worthy of death: this deed is like that of a man who attacks another and murders him, for the man came upon her in the country and, though the girl cried for help, there was no one to rescue her. When a man comes upon a virgin who is not pledged in marriage and forces her to lie with him, and they are discovered, then the man who lies with her shall give the girl's father fifty pieces of silver, and she shall be his wife because he has dishonoured her. He is not free to divorce her all his life long. A man shall not take his father's wife: he shall not bring shame on his father. 23 No man whose testicles have been crushed or whose organ has been severed shall become a member of the assembly of the LORD. No descendant of an irregular union, even down to the tenth generation, shall become a member of the assembly of the LORD. No Ammonite or Moabite, even down to the tenth generation, shall become a member of the assembly of the LORD. They shall never become members of the assembly of the LORD, because they did not meet you with food and water on your way out of Egypt, and because they hired Balaam son of Beor from Pethor in Aram-naharaim to revile you. The LORD your God refused to listen to Balaam and turned his denunciation into a blessing, because the LORD your God loved you. You shall never seek their welfare or their good all your life long. You shall not regard an Edomite as an abomination, for he is your own kin; nor an Egyptian, for you were aliens in his land. The third generation of children born to them may become members of the assembly of the LORD. When you are encamped against an enemy, you shall be careful to avoid any foulness. When one of your number is unclean because of an emission of seed at night, he must go outside the camp; he may not come within it. Towards evening he shall wash himself in water, and at sunset he may come back into the camp. You shall have a sign outside the camp showing where you can withdraw. With your equipment you will have a trowel, and when you squat outside, you shall scrape a hole with it, and then turn and cover your excrement. For the LORD your God goes about in your camp, to keep you safe and to hand over your enemies as you advance, and your camp must be kept holy for fear that he should see something indecent and go with you no further. You shall not surrender to his master a slave who has taken refuge with you. Let him stay with you anywhere he chooses in any one of your settle- ments, wherever suits him best; you shall not force him. No Israelite woman shall become a temple-prostitute, and no Israelite man shall prostitute himself in this way. You shall not allow a common prostitute's fee, or the pay of a male prostitute, to be brought into the house of the LORD your God in fulfilment of any vow, for both of them are abominable to the LORD your God. You shall not charge interest on anything you lend to a fellow- countryman, money or food or anything else on which interest can be charged. You may charge interest on a loan to a foreigner but not on a loan to a fellow-countryman, for then the LORD your God will bless you in all you undertake in the land which you are entering to occupy. When you make a vow to the LORD your God, do not put off its fulfilment; otherwise the LORD your God will require satisfaction of you and you will be guilty of sin. If you choose not to make a vow, you will not be guilty of sin; but if you voluntarily make a vow to the LORD your God, mind what you say and do what you have promised. When you go into another man's vineyard, you may eat as many grapes as you wish to satisfy your hunger, but you may not put any into your basket. When you go into another man's standing corn, you can pluck and ear to rub in your hands, but you may not put a sickle to his standing corn. 24 When a man has married a wife, but she does not win his favour because he finds something shameful in her, and he writes her a note of divorce, gives it to her and dismisses her; and suppose after leaving his house she goes off to become the wife of another man, and the next husband turns against her and writes her a note of divorce which he gives her and dis- misses her, or dies after making her his wife——then in that case her first husband who dismissed her is not free to take her back to be his wife again after she has become for him unclean. This is abominable to the LORD; you must not bring sin upon the land which the LORD your God is giving you as your patrimony. When a man is newly married, he shall not be liable for military service or any other public duty. He shall remain at home exempt from service for one year and enjoy the wife he has taken. No man shall take millstones, or even the upper one alone, in pledge; that would be taking a life in pledge. When a man is found to have kidnapped a fellow-countryman, and Israel- ite, and to have treated him harshly and sold him, he shall die: you shall rid yourselves of this wickedness. Be careful how you act in all cases of malignant skin-disease; be careful to observe all that the levitical priests tell you; I gave them my commands which you must obey. Remember what the LORD your God did to Miriam, on your way out of Egypt. When you make a loan to another man, do not enter his house to take a pledge from him. Wait outside, and the man whose creditor you are shall bring the pledge out to you. If he is a poor man, you shall not sleep in the cloak he has pledged. Give it back to him at sunset so that he may sleep in it and bless you; then it will be counted to your credit in the sight of the You shall not keep back the wages of a man who is poor and needy, whether a fellow-countryman or an alien living in your country in one of your settlements. Pay him his wages on the same day before sunset, for he is poor and his heart is set on them: he may appeal to the LORD against you, and you will be guilty of sin. Fathers shall not be put to death for their children, nor children for their fathers; a man shall be put to death only for his own sin. You shall not deprive aliens and orphans of justice nor take a widow's cloak in pledge. Remember that you were slaves in Egypt and the LORD your God redeemed you from there; that is why I command you to do this. When you reap the harvest in your field and forget a swathe, do not go back to pick it up; it shall be left for the alien, the orphan, and the widow. In order that the LORD your God may bless you in all that you undertake. When you beat your olive-trees, do not strip them afterwards; what is left shall be for the alien, the orphan, and the widow. When you gather the grapes from your vineyard, do not glean after- wards; what is left shall be for the alien, the orphan, and the widow. Remember that you were slaves in Egypt; that is why I command you to do this. 25 When two men go to law and present themselves for judgement, the judges shall try the case; they shall acquit the innocent and condemn the guilty. If the guilty man is sentenced to be flogged, the judge shall cause him to lie down and be beaten in his presence; the number of strokes shall correspond to the gravity of the offence. They may give him forty strokes, but not more; otherwise if they go further and exceed this number, your fellow-countryman will have been publicly degraded. You shall not muzzle an ox while it is treading out the corn. When brothers live together and one of them dies without leaving a son, his widow shall not marry outside the family. Her husband's brother shall have intercourse with her; he shall take her in marriage and do his duty by her as her husband's brother. The first son she bears shall perpetuate the dead brother's name so that it may not be blotted out from Israel. But if the man is unwilling to take his brother's wife, she shall go to the elders at the town gate and say, 'My husband's brother refuses to perpetuate his brother's name in Israel; he will not do his duty by me. ' At this the elders of the town shall summon him and reason with him. If he still stands his ground and says, 'I will not take her', his brother's widow shall go up to him in the presence of the elders; she shall pull his sandal off his foot and spit in his face and declare: 'Thus we requite the man who will not build up his brother's family. ' His family shall be known in Israel as the House of the Unsandalled Man. When two men are fighting and the wife of one of them comes near to drag her husband clear of his opponent, if she puts out her hand and catches hold of the man's genitals, you shall cut off her hand and show her no mercy. You shall not have unequal weights in your bag, one heavy, the other light. You shall not have unequal measures in your house, one large, the other small. You shall have true and correct weights and true and correct measures, so that you may live long in the land which the LORD you God is giving you. All who commit these offences, all who deal dishonestly, are abominable to the LORD. Remember what the Amalekites did to you on your way out of Egypt, how they met you on the road when you were faint and weary and cut off your rear, which was lagging behind exhausted; they showed no fear of God. When the LORD your God gives you peace from your enemies on every side, in the land which he is giving you to occupy as your patrimony, you shall not fail to blot out the memory of the Amalekites from under heaven. The New English Bible (with Apocrypha) Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, 1970.

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Yhteinen sÃval d'oise. (Yhteinen) 2018) Movie Online 'length Watch Yhteinen movie 123movies Source Yhteinen. Streaming Yhteinen, WaTcH #Yhteinensävel fulL mOvie. Military Wives is as formulaic as movies go, regardless the film is surprisingly good and it uses the formula really well. However it never aspires to be anything else preventing it from becoming a classic amongst the genre.
I haven't been familiar with the true story but from the start, you just know where it is all gonna go. It still works well but nothing is a surprise because of that. It still has some great moments and a fair amount of heart
It is seriously enjoyable and it is a likeable movie with a great cast. Kristen Scott Thomas and Sharon Horgan are great here.
I'm sure there are many people who will like this film. I just can't see that much greatness in it. It's formulaic and does it's best to be a lovely and charming film but it does it in such a manipulative way, and I hate it when films do that. It is still worth watching though.

Siellä on Cisse Häkkinen kuvassa suojelusenkelinä... Vanha mutta aina yhtä hiono kappale. Yhteinen sÃvel d'hiv. Ihan vitun mahtavaa. Millon teillä alkaa kiertue? Tuolla vois jo taiteilijan apurahaa hakea. Hei Mikko! Olisiko sinulla vinkkejä minulle kun aika usein minulle käy niin, että puhelu katkeaa speechin jälkeen, eikä asiakas sen jälkeen vastaa minulle vaikka olen useampaan otteeseen yrittänyt soittaa takaisin, eri päivinäkin! Vastausta odottaen yt. Kuikan pasi. Kiitos. Yhteinen sÃvélo. Yhteinen saveurs. Yhteinen save. Yhteinen satellite. Yhteinen savel. Yhteinen sÃvel satis. Anteeksi tää on torella hieno kappale ja toi paula koivu niemi on hyvä laulaja. Attended the world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on Friday. Honestly one of top 10 best films I've ever seen. Perfect mix of pathos (not sure I've ever cried more in a film 😳) laugh out loud humour and great music.

Sharon and Kirsten are superb. It's a moving story of friendship under pressure of military life, war and pain, with a lovely musical backing track.
Funny, witty, poignant and for me very emotional.
I definitely would 👌👍. So in between posting part one and this I realized I'd been voted for best author! Thanks so very much you guys! And if you didn't vote for me? That's cool too all the authors on the list were top notch! Red Tuesday Part 1 He nodded at that and waved. “Hi Jenny. ” “Hi Rian’s dad. ” “You know my name Jenny. ” “It’s more fun this way. ” He nodded and trudged up the stairs to the second level of their hab, walking into his room before closing the door with yawn loud enough for them to hear. Once he was up there Rian pulled a chair from the kitchen area and stood it in front of the fridge, climbing up on the chair to reach the top shelf above the fridge as she picked up his list and credit chip. Climbing back down she pushed her chair back to the table where Jenny and Nephin were already sitting. “Okay, I’ve got… 300. Jenny? ” “500. ” “Where do you keep getting the money? ” “Here and there. ” Rian looked suspiciously at Jenny for a moment. But her friend was tight lipped on her source of income. “What about you Nephin? ” “I was given this in case there were incidentals the academy hadn’t mentioned before my arrival. ” She set a chip on the table as Rian took a look. “200. A thousand credits between three teenage girls. How much damage can we do? ” Rian smiled as Jenny pulled out a stack of papers. “Okay I have the maps and layouts from last year, plus the listings of all the goods we’re looking for. But I want to check our gear first. ” “Yeah, what was your project thing Mr. Dim mentioned? ” “Ah! ” Jenny pulled out a package from her satchel. “I told him I wanted to replicate some ancient human weapons and he thought that was a marvelous idea after I told him they involved no moving parts or blades so he was curious. I got extra credit for it too. ” She unwrapped the package as Rian tilted her head, trying to figure out what she was looking at. They were pieces of bent… or rather shaped metal but the purpose eluded her. “They’re called brass knuckles. ” Jenny slid them onto her hands as the purpose became very clear. “Jenny you can’t take those! ” “Why not? It’s not a blade, it’s not a gun, it’s just a method of punching people harder. Remember last year? That crazy lady and the knife fighting over the terminal even though we just wanted to get past her? ” Rian nodded slowly. “Fine… but only as a last resort. ” “Last resort. I swear. ” Rian walked to the closet past the couch and open area in front of the hab’s heater. She pulled out a duffle bag, struggling a bit to drag it to the kitchen table before Jenny easily lifted it from the floor to the top of the table. “I had it! ” “I know you did. I just helped. ” Rian sighed and opened up the bag. Inside was a set of gear she’d made over the year after her trial and error from the year before. Getting scraps from the fabric factory she’d made inserts that would fit under her jumpsuit. They had a hardened side, and a padded side that would help insulate from the cold, and anyone trying to punch or kick. For Jenny she had made a sort of harness, with various pockets so she could carry more stuff before they needed to get out, and long strongsynth armored sleeves to protect her arms from people trying to bite or scratch. Then she looked at Nephin. “Hhmmmm…” She pulled out the remaining materials she had forming some basic hard synth gloves to help protect her hands, and added some padding to her chest just in case. “Alright let’s practice. Jenny, toss her up to the second level. ” She pointed to the railing that separated the doors from the upper level from the open space in the main hab. Jenny stood, waving Nephin over and it took them a moment to sort it out but she soon had Nephin stand on her hands before tossing the xeno into the air. Like she was born for it she turned in the air and gripped the railing, flipping over it and landing in front of the door to Rian’s room. “Well… this is a serious advantage. ” Jenny said with a nod. “Here, can you land on my shoulders? ” The xeno turned and hopped over the railing, dropping down onto Jenny’s shoulders easily. Rian and Jenny grinned at each other as Nephin looked down. “Will it be this simple? ” “Yes. Except you’ll have a horde of people around you, and more scrambling to chase after you when you’re on the second floor. ” “Can we practice some more? ” She asked. “Sure, that’s what we’re doing tonight. Practicing, and planning. For tomorrow. We shop. ” Rian, Jenny, and Nephin spent the next few hours practicing before they sat down to better plan out there course of action for the event. “So, the way it works is a compound that normally houses goods in these warehouses will open in the morning, and people go nuts grabbing all the super cheap things they can. Once they’re ready they head to the exit which is watched over by guards, pay, and leave. ” “I don’t understand why people are apparently so intense about this. ” Nephin mentioned as she looked at the map Rian had drawn up of the compound. “Well, for one humans can be extremely competitive compared to most species. Two, you don’t understand how crazy good these deals are. We have a thousand credits between the three of us right? Well that’s like three months normal salary for people out here in Sparktown. More for me and Jenny. ” The taller girl nodded. “We save up all year for this event because its city quality goods, at refugee camp prices. Luxury foods, clothes, toys, sheets, all sorts of stuff. It’s crazy. If you have a good Red Tuesday run you can make life much nicer for yourself. As I mentioned before there aren’t regular stores here. Besides that city kids have some of the coolest things and those are fun to have. ” “But why is this the case? Why won’t they open regular stores here? ” “Sparktown is a huge legal mess. It’s all technically owned by the city. No one really owns their units but we all sort of agree to who owns what. You guys are new, yet you have a nice unit near the center. Likely the city told some people to move so you’d get your unit. They set down new units at the edges of Sparktown all the time, they’re usually nicer but they’re farther from everything else so…” She shrugged. “Well… why don’t they open stores then? ” “Moving one family is easy. Moving hundreds? Not so much. You have to remember there are only so many habitable planets, and the swarm makes refugees faster than people can terraform, even if the government had the resources to actually start terraforming all the potential planets. So humans take in refugees and have places like Sparktown. I mean it could be worse. We get places to live, they provide rations, and basic education for everyone. With scholarships if you’re smart. And we all live in relative peace. Red Tuesday is actually the most violent day in Sparktown every year by far. ” “Oh yeah tell her the kicker. ” Jenny said with a grin. “Oh, it’s also televised and generates more money for the Sparktown community funds than any other event the people of Sparktown host for ourselves. ” Nephin was staring wide eyed, and open mouthed at that. “That’s insane! ” “Welcome to humanity Nephin! Better get used to it! You’re living with us now! ” Jenny hugged the xeno’s shoulder, giving her a light shake as the tall human laughed. “When we have a common enemy or serious catastrophe we’ll hold together like no one else. When you give us a free for all situation with high quality goods and super cheap prices? There will be blood. ” Rian nodded. “But, that’s why we plan. So we can avoid as much of it as possible. So, Jenny you’ve got the lists? ” “Sure do! ” The girl grinned and laid out a serious of thin paper advertisements listing some of the various goods that will be in the warehouses in the morning. Nephin glanced at them while Rian and Jenny began to start looking over sections they already knew to check. “So what are you looking for this year Rian? I’m still mostly set after last year in terms of things around the house. ” “What about clothes? ” “I’ve got my jumpsuits, and my militia coat. It’s plenty warm, it’s not like I need anything fancy. But I still want to get you some skirts. ” “You are not wasting Red Tuesday money on skirts I will never wear! ” “Fine fine. ” She waved a hand. “Probably focus on food then. Nephin what do you need? ” “I… don’t know? ” The xeno looked between the two human girls. “We get rations like you, so we don’t really need food. ” “You don’t need food no, but I’m sure there’s some stuff you want. Offworld fruits, chocolates, sweets in general, fine cheese, expensive meat, you aren’t getting anything like that with the rations. There are some restaurants around Sparktown that can get you something a bit more interesting but it’s usually still simple fare. What about things around your hab? ” Jenny replied. “I suppose some better pillows and sheets might be nice. ” Nephin said nodding slowly. “Well that’s not too hard. There’s usually less of a mad rush for the house goods. ” Rian said with a nod. “Yeah, and what about toys? Got any siblings? ” She looked at one of the sheets and then suddenly grabbed it. “Oh my God! Rian! ” “What? ” She looked down as Jenny placed the paper flat again, her finger tapping on a giant picture of what looked like a Polaris Gypsy. Gypsies were one of the most prolific Polaris ships, and for good reason thanks to their reliability and modular design keeping them functional despite their age. Rian frowned as she tried to figure out what she was really looking out and then gasped as she clutched the ad. “Newly released Mini-Gypsy drone officially licensed by Polaris! Every model comes with an official set of papers and a code for a free set of Polaris science books! Oh my God! ” Her hands shook a little as she thought it over. “Something tells me you’re going to want it. ” Jenny said with a smirk. “But look at the price. ” Rian’s eyes drifted down and saw the price tag. 400 credits. Even on Red Tuesday, which would mean that in the city it must have cost thousands of credits. “But… look how cool it is! It records video and has a built in mini-scanner! Think of what I could do with it! ” “Yeah but you only have 300 credits to spend. ” Rian blinked at that and then looked up at Jenny, clasping her hands together. “Jenny please! You’ve got to loan me 100 credits! ” The taller girl waved her hand. “Like you had to ask. But it does mean you can’t get anything else. ” Rian’s eyes were gleaming as she looked at the ad. “I won’t need anything else. ” “But don’t forget that’s going to be in the toy warehouse. ” Jenny tapped the map of the compound. “The most heavily fought over warehouse, with all the parents going full barbarian trying to get their kids the newest and greatest. We both know how many parents think good parenting comes from good toys. I need to get Nephin to the housegoods, and then food. ” She tapped the two warehouses on the far end of the compound. “Jenny, I have to go for it. There’s no way I can pass up an opportunity like this. ” “Alright… but you’re going to be on your own. ” Rian nodded as she began to rub her lip as she looked at the map, trying to figure out how she was going to do this. She could already picture the horde of bloodthirsty parents in the warehouse, ready to get violent in order to get their kids the toys on their wish lists. How many kids ignored the flecks of blood on the presents they opened each year? “We have to try the roof. ” “What? You said it last year, we can’t get to the fire escape outside the compound. ” Rian looked pointedly at Nephin who blinked. “What. Her? ” “You can toss her up, she climbs the ladder, opens the latch. We get up to the roof outside the compound, and we bring the plank like you talked about. We just have to time it right. If we get into the compound too early they’ll kick us out. Too late and it won’t have mattered. ” Jenny looked at the map and then laughed. “I feel like we’re planning a heist or something. Alright I mean you sound confident. What could go wrong? You get your special drone, I’ll get Nephin some home goodies, and as much food as we can carry. ” “What’s the inside of the warehouses like? ” Nephin asked. “The ground floor is big and open, and there’s this sort of platform second floor in the middle with open edges. When we go inside I’ll toss you up onto the second floor, you grab what you need and meet me at the far end where I’ll be ready to catch you. “I think you just need to show her what she’s looking for and we’re set. ” Rian followed up as she looked at their new xeno friend. They clustered around the table then as Rian began to lead Nephin through the plan for her and Jenny in the morning and made sure the list her dad had made could be picked up on the way. Jenny promised to take care of it so they called it a night, ready to get some rest. Rian let Nephin sleep with her in the bed, but she made Jenny use the sleeping bag and a padding roll on the floor. When Rian’s alarm went off she quickly sat up, which surprised Nephin who had curled in against her side to try and get as much warmth as possible. Jenny, as usual had unzipped part of her sleeping bag and was sprawled out with the majority of her body both outside of the sleeping bag, and off the padding. Rian quickly took her pills and had to nudge Jenny to get her to wake up, but once the three of them were moving it didn’t take long to get geared up, and prepared for Red Tuesday. They were soon walking north through Sparktown, looking like they were more geared for some sort of heist, or full contact sport. Even with the high tech, warm clothes Nephin had the young catsnake was bouncing and rubbing her shoulders to try and keep warm, entirely unused to such temperatures. Despite being up before the sun they could see plenty of other people moving north through the streets. Some were alone, others were in groups. Husbands and wives. Some whole families. Guys in their late teens, early 20s who certainly weren’t college students. The trio clearly stood apart from the rest being in their mid-teens, and all girls. But Red Tuesday brought all who dare because they even saw some old folks wearing patches of old militia uniforms or safety gear from the industry habs. Everyone began to congregate at the gate leading into the compound where the guards stood watch. These weren’t some rent a cop security guards from the city though. They were other refugees who came from military backgrounds or something like it. They didn’t have fancy armor suits and stun batons. They had homemade armor, and clubs. It had been years since anyone gave them shit. This was where the girls split apart from the rest of the pack though, slipping around the side of the compound about half way up. There were other warehouses that flanked the compound, and while these were cheap buildings at the edge of Sparktown they still had fire escapes. City officials were very strict about fire safety when it was their goods in the warehouses. Jenny nodded to a long plank she had leaned against the compound wall down at the base in the weeds. Then she hoisted Nephin up onto the fire escape, tossing her up so the xeno could grab the bottom of the ladder and then climb up, unlocking the catch as it snapped down. Rian checked her watch. “They’ll open the gate in a few minutes. Don’t go too quick. ” She looked down the alley but no one had followed them. They waited another minute before Rian climbed the ladder and Jenny hoisted the plank, leaning it against the fire escape for Rian to hold onto. Then Jenny climbed up and passed Rian, walking up to the second level of the fire escape, reaching down to pull the plank up, spinning it around so she could extend it out over the gap above the wall of the compound. This wasn’t a high security prison after all, the wall was just to keep riff raff out. Rian checked her watch once more and nodded as Jenny held the plank in place so Nephin could run across as if it were nothing, getting to the fire escape on the other side. Then it was Rian’s turn. She was much slower, arms out as she balanced, trying not to think of the time she fell and broke her arm from an even lower height. Once she was across she turned, and held the plank with Nephin. But Jenny moved quickly and easily which once more made Rian feel just a little envious at having now two friends with physical prowess. Now on the other side Jenny shoved the plank back over the wall and they heard it fall with a clatter. But they were inside the compound just as she heard howling from the gate. “It’s open! Go! ” They quickly scurried down the fire escape, Nephin climbing on Jenny’s back as they began to sprint north. “Good luck four eyes! ” Jenny called out as Rian frowned and sprinted around the corner. She could see the chaos at the main gate people were trying to jamb themselves through while the guards were already smacking people who were being too aggressive. Besides themselves that is. She could see a stream of parents heading to the toy warehouse across the way. She set her teeth and began to run for it as hard as she could. Half way across she had stop as two guys grappled one another to the ground for some reason, jumping over them she continued forward, working her way into the stream of parents. She felt people shove her from behind as she got into the warehouse, trying to get past as they started to fan out. She had to keep moving forward as she looked over her options, but she knew the Gypsy drone would be on the second floor. The stairs to here right were a mess so she moved to the one on the left. As she approached some middle aged dad had reached it, and pushed his wife up ahead before turning, starting to lash out at anyone else approaching. He was a little overweight and balding, but you’d think he was some ancient warrior with the way he yelled and swung and anyone getting close. Finally a younger man, likely a new father tackled him onto the stairs and Rian rushed up next to them. The balding one grabbed at her foot, dragging her down but she lashed out with her foot, feeling her heel connect with his nose with a crunch. As he gasped in pain she pulled free and then heard him yell out as he shoved the younger dad off him but others were approaching. Climbing up to the second floor she could see the wife that the man on the stairs had pushed ahead. She had one of the Polaris drones and was already moving away. She could still see three on the display at the far end, one up on top of a big tower with two more at the base. Only four? She saw people moving up the right side as she began to sprint ahead once more, bypassing the dolls and action figures that other parents were starting to fight over. She saw two other young men grab one each of the drones before she could get there. Just the one up on the tower. Once she got close she was about to start climbing up on the display when she saw movement from the corner of her eye. She jumped back as a knife swung past her face, an overweight woman with a massive scowl screeching at her. “This is for Timmy! He needs it! It’s mine you little shit! ” She swung out wildly once more as Rian jumped back once more, eyes wide. Then the woman turned to start climbing up the display herself. Rian had never really lashed out in anger before. Even that man on the stairs was a bit more reflex than anything else. But as she saw the woman start to climb up the display she kicked out, driving her foot into the back of the woman’s left knee. The overweight woman screeched and fell forward, head slamming into the tower. She really meant to say something about how she really wanted the toy, or how much it meant to her. But instead as the box with the Polaris drone in it wobbled, then fell, she instead shouted “Timmy can eat a dick! ” Rian jumped up, grabbing it, turning in the air to roll over the back of the display. Jenny or Nephin probably would have landed on their feet, but she landed on her side in a heap. Still she clutched the large box to her chest and quickly staggered to her feet, running for the stair case at the back of this level. There was more chaos behind her but she had the drone and she was running for the back exit. She heard people chasing after her and turned to slam into the door to the outside with her shoulder, staggering through the impact and then running north towards the exit. She was panting for air, her lungs hurt, her shoulder hurt, and she didn’t know how sore she would be tomorrow. But it was all worth it. Nephin and Jenny probably needed more time so once she was out the back of the warehouse she ran up one more, and then ducked behind the corner, leaning against the wall to catch her breath. For a moment she paused and then looked down at the box in her arms before she began to laugh. She had it! This was the greatest Red Tuesday she’d ever had! Checking her watch she realized she’d been there for about ten minutes and could hear the chaos throughout the compound, but she’d avoided it since hiding out here. She headed down the side of the warehouse to the central field, spotting Jenny and Nephin near the exit gate, looking around for her. Keeping the box clutched in her arms she ran for them, but just as she got near someone grabbed her arm from behind. She squealed and nearly fell, but barely managed to hold onto the box as she looked back. There was some large guy probably in his 30s growling out. “I saw you kick my sister! That drone is for my nephew Timmy! Hand it over or I’ll break your arm! ” His grip tightened as Rian cried out in pain. But before she could reply Jenny was suddenly leaning forward, her brass knuckles on as she delivered a crushing left hook to the man’s face. There was a crunch as his teeth clicked shut way too hard and Rian could see a spurt of blood fly up from the man’s face. He let go Rian and staggered back, but didn’t go down. Which was when Jenny stepped forward and followed up with a jab straight into his stomach. He doubled over, gasping as the wind was driven from his lungs, and sort of crumpled up on the ground. Rian heard cheering and turned to see the guards at the exit waving them over. Jenny was kicking the man on the ground but Rian dragged on her arm to pull her away towards the exit. “Jenny! Leave him! ” “I’ll kick your teeth out next time! ” Jenny was shouting as Rian and Nephin pulled on her arms to try and get her to the exit. Finally they were at the exit, dumping everything onto one of the tables set up as the guards tallied everything up and Rian slapped their credits onto the table with their goods. They got pressed through, given a large bag to carry everything which Jenny hoisted over a shoulder. And then suddenly they were out of the compound. People behind them were still sprinting and fighting over the goods but they were done. Rian clutched her chest, breathing hard as she found a bench to sag down onto. Jenny stood nearby as the guards spoke. “Kid that was a wonderful hook. You sat that guy down hard didn’t you? ” “Yeah well no one hurts my friend. ” “Christ kid, you reset his factory settings. ” Jenny and the guards talked while Rian tried to recover. Nephin stood near her. “This was very informative. Humans will immediately split into the smallest possible groups to ensure greatest personal gain if they have no overarching need for large groups to necessitate survival. But within those small groups loyalty can be very intense. That man would very likely have bested Jenny in a fair physical contest. But she didn’t hesitate to strike. Also, the pains human parents will apparently subjugate themselves to try and improve the lives of their children is strictly speaking frowned upon in evolutionary terms seeing as the child’s life is in no way threatened during this event. ” Rian panted still and blinked as she looked at the catsnake standing next to her. “So… what… do you… think? ” “I’d do it again, but I’ll inform my family. We’ll need to train before next year. ” Rian nodded as she caught her breath and stood up, looking over at Jenny who approached, seeing that Rian was recovered. “What now? ” “I think we need to take Nephin to the Final Spark for a celebratory drink and some music. ” “We spent all our credits though. ” “I kept some in reserve. ” She grinned. “What’s the Final Spark? ” “It’s great. It’s a sort of lounge… tavern then. Hot ciders since we’re not old enough for the apple scrag, and live music! ” They headed back into town, and after Jenny dropped their loot off in Rian’s hab they headed over to the Final Spark. There were already a number of Red Tuesday survivors inside. They were nursing bruises and cuts, the adults were laughing, clapping one another on the back and toasting with mugs of apple scrag. The other teens had cups of cider or were out on the dance floor and in general it was a complete contrast to the chaos of Red Tuesday. The fighting was over. The sale was done. Now people had to apologize and become civilized neighbors once more. Rian and Nephin were sitting to the side as Jenny got them the hot ciders. Nephin spoke up as she listened to the music. “I don’t get it. They’re playing instruments without electricity. Nothing is plugged in. I hear no recordings. ” “Of course not! This is live music. And we’re refugees! Did you expect a giant concert or something? Just acoustic. Humans refer to it as folk music. ” “I don’t understand the dance either. I can’t figure out the pattern between dancers. ” “There isn’t one! Almost no one who lives in Sparktown is a planet native you know. Not culturally. Some of us come from Cascadia, others from Eldorado, Kwintin, Vlastok, all over. You just sort of dance… however. ” Jenny returned then with the ciders, making Rian scoot over as she sat down. “I wasn’t sure how you’d like your Nephin so I got it same way me and Rian like it. If you need them to water it down or cool it off just let me know. ” Rian smiled and took her mug, blowing on it before sipping at the spiced hot apple cider with a smile. She was about to talk when a man approached. He was tall, had a big grin and his hair looked sort of like some kind of wave. “Hey Rian! Haven’t seen you around in a while! How’s your dad? And Vera? ” “Oh hey Uncle Sam. Dad’s good. Tired. You know how he is. Vera’s off on an expedition actually. I won’t see her till next year. ” “Oh she is? Sorry to hear that. I knew you two were close. Hey but I tell you what, I’ve got your Christmas present a little early this year. Your dad talks about how much you love Polaris and when I saw the ad I knew you’d go crazy for it. ” He grinned and waved to the bartender who pulled a wrapped package out from behind the bar, handing it to a server who passed it to the smiling man, who in turn set it on the table between the girls. “Go on! Open it. ” Rian blinked and ripped open the wrapping paper before leaning back, mouth open. There was a box with the Polaris gypsy drone in it. Jenny just started to laugh as Rian stared. The man looked between them, arching a brow. “What? ” “We just got back from Red Tuesday. Rian fought tooth and nail for her own box of one of these. ” “She did? You girls are way too young to be at Red Tuesday! No no no. Next year you come to me with your list, I’ll have them pick what you want out of the shipment before we set it up. Do you not want it though? ” He set his hand on the box before Rian shook her head. “I’d love another one if you don’t mind Uncle Sam. ” He smiled again. “Hey no problem there little science explorer! You have fun tonight girls! ” He nodded and walked off as Nephin leaned forward. “Who was that? ” “That. Was Sam the Shark. ” Jenny said as Rian rolled her eyes. “He’s just Sam. I hate that name people use for him. ” “Apparently, Uncle Sam to you? ” “Yeah, he and my dad go way back. He’s not my real uncle but… you know basically family. ” “Rian! Why didn’t you tell me your uncle was the only crime lord in Sparktown! He runs Red Tuesday! ” “He’s not a crime lord! And… I don’t know… I didn’t think it was important. ” Jenny laughed. “You have no idea how to leverage your contacts. Well… I guess we don’t need to prepare for next year. ” Nephin spoke up. “Actually I look forward to next year’s competition. It will be a wonderful venue to test my family’s coordination and skill against your seasoned shopping veterans. ” Rian was still staring at the box. “I can’t believe he got me this. Why didn’t I think about it? ” “Oh you’re so silly pipsqueak. ” Nephin spoke again. “Jenny, I’d like to dance the dance of my people. But to do so I need to get on stage. Will you help? ” “Sure. ” She stood up, picking Nephin up easily as she walked through the other dancers, setting her on the stage. The performers looked at her warily for a moment but she began to perform a series of acrobatics that her people called dancing. Soon people were cheering her on as Jenny returned to Rian. “C’mon four eyes. Lets dance. ” “No no, you go. I suck. ” “Who cares?! No one here is an actual dancer except Nephin. And while everyone’s watching her you can be awful and no one minds. ” Rian smiled and took Jenny’s hand letting the other girl drag her out onto the dance floor. They enjoyed the rest of their day off, dancing for hours. Sometimes it was river dance, sometimes it was line, and sometimes it was a mish mash of who knows what. But the important thing was they were dancing, laughing, and smiling. As the crowd of survivors from Red Tuesday built up she watched the people display their wounds as if battle scars, telling stories about the challenges they faced that day. This wasn’t just about shopping, and deals, it was also about experiencing and having stories to tell for years. As they finally left in the afternoon Rian looked down at the box she was carrying. “You know… with two drones we could really plot out a course for next year. ”.

Yhteinen sÃval de marne. Watch movie beta ray bill. Miksi kehuttu Paulaa pelkästään kyllä tämä mieskin laulaa ihanasti. Yhteinen sÃver el hotel. DIRECTORY Part #2: Don't Want to Set the World on Fire "I do miss you, darling, and not only because I love you; I woefully miss intelligent conversation. In response to your excellent analysis of the Puritans, allow me to make a slight counter: what truly makes them idiotic is that, if God truly has been controlling their history and all events that have occurred in their country, then by looking at the sheer body count, he must hate them! " ~ Jacqueline Anne Wright, response letter to her husband --|-- "[A dark forest, a valley just in site past the tree line. By the sun breaking over the horizon, it is only dawn. In a near clearing, Rowlandson's group gathers, some eager, some appearing hesitant] ROWLANDSON: [Stands upon tree stump] Men! I know you are tired, I know we are here in this uncharted region, I know you want only rest. But just down in that valley, the heathen, his red hands stained redder with the blood of our wives and kin, rests in warmth while our beloveds lie cold. Now I must ask of you, is this right? GROUP: [In unison] No! ROWLANDSON: As I thought. Now I was and am a man of God. I have heard talk amongst us that many of you have lost faith; not in Him, of course, but in His goodness and blessings to our venture. GROUP: [Murmuring] ROWLANDSON: Gentleman, this is our test. Like Job before us, we suffer now, but God is still smiling upon us. Those red bastards have taken my family and my home. But they will not take my faith; I will cling to it, I will show the good Lord that my conviction is unbreakable, and in doing that I attain his blessing. For all who do not accept Christ into their hearts shall burn in Hell! But I accept Christ! I will never deny him! WILDER: Neither will I! GROUP: Yeah! ROWLANDSON: Good! Hold true to your faith. For we who sin in God's name are forgiven, for we act with purpose, not with wroth or lust or greed or pride. I am not going to do this just because I held my wife's body to my heart. I am not going to do this because I found my children dead, bodies and souls desecrated with heathen rites. I do this because these actions have shown that these men deny God and his compassion and will always do so! And so God will forgive us all, nay, he will thank us! For these savages, barely even human, with their unsalvageable souls? They're going to Hell. It is their destiny, as their actions well prove. We are only quickening the trip! " GROUP: [Chorus of agreement and righteous fury] ROWLANDSON: Right then, now it is up to you, men! Onward! Deus Vult! " ~ Excerpt, The Reverend (1950) "Reverend Rowlandson's Raid was, despite the creative name, a very simple affair, albeit an ultimately dramatic series of events. In the pitch of night, having gathered his forces and having had an advanced party scout out the area a few days in advance, the raid struck. Rowlandson used the region to his advantage, the raiding party crawling along the bushy shores of the gentle stream, their brown leather covered in grass, making this raid one of the earliest documented uses of tactical disguise by any force in modern history. The men may have not been well-trained, but Rowlandson had been preparing them, filling with fiery rhetoric in the form of Helliads[1] and battlecries as they marched on. In a sense, they were at the least a well-disciplined bunch, as the journal of Prestor Williams, Rowlandson's right-hand, tells us. Williams is perhaps the only true primary source we have the events that unfolded. As Rowlandson's men snuck past the watchmen of the novan village, a smaller detachment set off guns and lit a small fire some distance, away, drawing off several warriors who would have helped in fending off the raiders. And then, in a well-timed move, the raid truly began, with the colonials rising from the grass and shouting out "Deus Vult! " together, entering several tents and killing most of the men before they could truly awaken and react. The women and children were allowed to flee, Rowlandson looking for justice, not wanton slaughter, but the elders of the village were slain to decapitate leadership for a retaliatory move. At this point, as Rowlandson had the remainder of the village burned up, the food stores raided to help feed his men for the long journey back to proper civilization, the watchman that had gone to investigate the fire and shots returned. Though beaten back, Rowlandson would fall, reportedly slain with a gun in one hand and a Bible in the other, killing at least three novans—two with the firing of his gun, which he had put rocks in to, and a third he bludgeoned with the handle, even as the man stabbed him. Williams would lead the party when the fighting ended. Most would go their separate ways, their bloodlust and need for revenge satiated, while others would stay with Williams and perform other, smaller raids against the Metacoman[2] forces. Of course, given that Williams would only record his account several years after the fact, some details may be slightly hyperbolic and/or forgotten. " ~ Shorthand: Quick Study Summaries, American History Vol. 4 "Damnitall! I wish I had just listened to Father. Things have gone from tough to bad to worse since I left home. I thought it would all be a grand adventure. I thought I would just go out into the wood with the good Reverend and kill me some Indians and take home some of their trinkets to sell when I got home. No clue if I will ever see home again, however. What was I thinking? I am a merchant's boy; I could barely hold a sword or a rifle before all of this, and now I can only swinging both around blindly well enough to gut a few of the dumber Indians that are too close to me. And it isn't so much them I worry about... ".. to steal my journal! Fat oaf could never read a word if his life demanded it, of course, but it certainly has put me in a poor mood. Reverend says we're a band of brothers now, but half of these men are only in this because they want to kill Indians. Or they are like me and hope to bring back something valuable. The widows and widowers, few as they are, they seem to believe the Reverend when he talks about doing the will of God and all, even if he has stopped buying the words himself, but they are too inside the dark hollows of their own minds to talk or interact with the rest of us... "Those bastards! Those Goddamn bastards! We just got here, and they stole damn near everything! Most of the guns we've gotten are gone, most of the food, all the liquor, and then left, all while the rest of us were sleeping! I hope the Devil leads those snakes to a cave full of monsters! "... I wish the Reverend had made it. Sure, his sermons always sounded like he was talking out loud to no one, like he was trying to convince himself that God's around more than us, but everyone knew what to do with him around. You had a job, a place. Now Prestor lets anyone who licks his boot get more rations or a day off, the bastard. And those rations are already little as is! Indians only had so much in that camp. We probably should've waited for night proper rather than attack at sundown—sure the hunters would have been back, but they would be sleeping, and their meat would be there for our taking. Still, guess things worked out. Kent and the pricks who stole our supplies happened to get drunk and started shooting off rifles not too far away, and most of the Indians left to go check it out. Reverend wanted us to hit them then, but there was still a decent amount of light out. Jimmy, though, had the idea to cover ourselves in grass while crawling, make us harder to see. Of course, before we could actually get too close to the village, some dolt stood up and made a charge for it, which meant the rest of us had to do the same. Luckily it was just the old folks and women folk left, and we made quick work of them. a two days to home, but I have run out of food. This area was thick with natives when I left, so I have been going at a slow crawl these last few days. However, I have yet to even find any signs of them. If they are gone, I think I can make it if I move faster, and through the night. Not that nights have held much rest as of late. I cannot get the image of the Indian woman out of my head. For a moment she looked just like my mother, begging me not to do it. With that and with how quickly that child's rock killed the Reverend, I think I had best start paying more attention in church if I get back... " ~ Diary of Joshua Innsbrook, found in a family chest in 2013 "While Boston is a great city in the modern day, it has actually been refounded twice in its history. The first and original of the three foundings was in 1630 by our ancestors! It was a major settlement in early Massachusetts Bay. Before the settlers had even actually set foot on land, however, John Winthrop, a name I'm sure most of you all know, spoke about the colony's future as a place that the world would look to, telling those who would be future founders that their settlement would be a 'city upon a hill, ' or 'city on a hill' as most of us know it, as he was paraphrasing Matthew 5:14, 'You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. ' "If you'll follow me you can see this display shows when the first founded Boston was destroyed in 1676. Our curators have done painstaking research based on numerous accounts of the attack, some of which are even from future converted novans! We believe that this display shows the attack with almost 90% accuracy[3]! "Now while the common belief is that the attack was a response to the famous Reverend Rowlandson Raid, research has shown that, in actuality, the attack on Boston had been planned for some time. Certainly, the forces of the novans were bolstered by those who had seen the aftermath of, or heard about, the Raid, and were seeking retribution. But, with King Metacom himself fighting down in what was then called Rhode Island, his allies had been wanting a proper northern strike for quite some time, as the diseases ravaging the novans meant that possible reinforcements for their leader shrunk each day. Their hope was that the attack would draw New English[4] militia northward, relieving Metacom. "The natives actually struck in the day, in vast numbers and without warning. While they did loot several buildings, they came with torches and pitch at the ready, setting fire to much of the town—about 70% of its structures were destroyed in the blaze, and another 20% were partially damaged. A storm was the only reason the fire was at all contained. "As black smoke rose to the sky and people fled in mass from the native horde, the Razing of Boston quickly became a rallying point for the New English people[5]. 'Remember Boston' was now a battlecry. The city would be refounded in 1680, the first to be officially created after the unification of New England, though others would soon follow. "Now if you'll follow me this way, we can jump to the even more accurate display of the Second Razing of Boston... " ~ Boston Museum of History tour, 1992 "Much focus is given to the more northerly and easterly events of the First Metacom War. And not without reason; colonial counter-raids, the destruction of cities, bands of roaming, dying novans. Ironically, though plenty of true battles were fought elsewhere, it is those events that still capture the imagination, being more exciting and unique than the 'everyday' colonial war being raged, a war that was fought truly in what was then Rhode Island, a separate colony from those of New England, first established by outcasts of Massachusetts Bay. More militarily-inclined people are really the only ones besides historians who know much of this region of the conflict, and that is only because of Captain Church. Luckily this is for a more than valid reason; without the swelling of his Rangers[6] and the creation of several more units under trusted men, not simply our military, but our history could be very different. As King Metacom's forces began to lose morale as word reached them of the Betrayal of the Spirits, that infamous epidemic, some did more than simply run away to join the Hohdeno. Many, in fact, changed allegiance. If the spirits (whom were blamed for disease) were killing novans and not the White Man[7], that surely meant they were in league. Which then meant, with the White Man spouting about the supremacy of their singular deity, that the spirits had bent knee to the White Man and his God. So why shouldn't they? This thinking was spread a great deal by Church, using previous deserters, allied novans, and the previously converted to have the message spill from friendly lips to the Metacomans. His wilders and militamen were also instrumental in helping lessen anti-novan sentiment back in New England, where they spoke of "good, trust-worthy Indians" who had "accepted the truth of God and civilization. " It was the savage Indians, the ones who refused to see that their way was wrong, that were the enemy. Of course, the lynchings in several prayer towns after the war show how not everyone agreed with this, but certainly had not the celebrated heroes of the war not been saying such rhetoric, things might have been worse. Speaking of how things might have been worse, and getting back to the war itself, it should be certainly noted that King Metacom's depleted forces meant that Rhode Island was spared far more damage than it might have received, although ironically it was officially neutral in the conflict, just as it would be in the next, though to a far less official degree. The grinding down of the vague front by the Rangers and Metacomans meant that, despite being the focal point of the fighting, the colony was more intact than some of its northern counterparts, hence why it did not join the others in requesting unification. Of course, the religious divide also helped, and would prove to be worsened by proceeding events, as we all know. Truly, it is easy to say that the First Metacom War decided the fate of two nations. " ~ The Metacom Wars, by Lucas Prince, 1948 "When most ships arrived in the New World, filled with hopeful new pilgrims, it was not uncommon for it to return home with a few new passengers, those whose dreams had been dashed in the American frontier, who missed the old country, or those who had business in England. This was certainly true in the 1670s especially, with the war with King Metacom seeing many dreaming wistfully of jolly old England, or at least desperately seeking an excuse to leave until things relaxed. So when the captain of a recently arrived vessel was approached by a young girl seeking travel to Europe, he was not entirely surprised. That she asked for free passage may have been a start for him, but after hearing her story, his heart softened; with her family, from grandfather to youngest brother, dead, homestead destroyed by novan hands, and nearly all her possessions along with it, how could he deal her any more unkindness? So he allowed her to come, provided she helped clean around the ship. If he had known what she would do, who she would become, he might have reconsidered. Perhaps even if he had only known just how all of her family had died, he would have denied her to take a single step on deck. But history is full of if's, and what happened instead is that when the girl in question set her feet on dry land once more, it would be in Old Plymouth. The claim that an old blind man at the port, once a performer in his youth, when this girl began walking up the dock, suddenly stood up and declared, 'By the pricking of my thumbs / Something wicked this way comes! ' is likely entirely false. If it did happen, however, he was certainly right; Mary of Salem had arrived in England. " ~ Uncaught & Unsolved, test instance[8], opening monologue --|-- [1] TTL term for a jeremiad, in this case a portmanteau of Hell and Illiad, given the sermons are explicit descriptions of the tribulations and events to be faced in the very physical realm of Hell. [2] A term to refer to all the tribes under Metacom, as well as those who would fight later in his memory. [3] Likely a gross overestimation, but this tour guide is supposed to try and impress people. [4] New English is used inaccurately here, given the lack of unification, but given that militias had men from across the colonies, the catch-all can be forgiven. [5] Here the grievance is worse, as even after unification few would see themselves as "New English". [6] The Rangers (or rather units that became the precursors for the US Army Rangers) were established in OTL at this time as well, but in TTL there are far more units and so widespread use of Church's tactics. [7] This is inaccurate, but the author assumes that people will of course know that the natives were not properly informed. [8] We would say "pilot episode".

Augest 7th, 2035: Operation Leviathan ends with the Elders defeated in their base off the Pacific Ocean. Their fortress was assualted by six top soldiers with XCOM's best equipment, and one remote controlled psionic demigod referred to as an 'Avatar'. Avatars were encountered by the team, but they were no match for the perfected XCOM Avatar. Being no match for the XCOM prefected version, the Elders attacked the commander controlling the Avatar in a last dicth effort for revenge. Revenge that only resulted in their non-corporeal forms being destroyed in a psionic blast from the Commander. 2038: ADVENT had crumbled completely, most of their soldiers had tried to integrate with Human society, but were met with immense prejudice. Prejudice that meant that no impure Humans that were corrupted with alien DNA were allowed to live. Humanity reacted by dragging former ADVENT members from their homes, and just executing them in large numbers. Bradford led this group of people to maintain Humanity's genetic purity. Genetics that needed to be protected from alien damage from the partial Humans that used to serve ADVENT's government. Most Humans saw this as the final solution after the war they had survived, and the Commander agreed with Bradford's actions on this issue. 2040: Corporations had began to form again, developing advanced weaponry and newer technologies for the civilian masses. Bartering of goods and scavenged items was used as an unofficial currency, but over time they developed the use of electronic currencies. Currencies that lacked a central governemnt and were held by various corporations on Earth. Corporations did accept other currencies at different exchange rates across the globe. These corporations completely replaced the centralized government that was destroyed by XCOM and this Anarcho-Capitalist idea governed the Human race. 2050: Colonies were founded on the Moons of Saturn and a small research outpost on Mars. These colonies were founded by the conglomerate called Helios Corporation; a company that funded short-distance space travel. Their technology was the short range psionic FTL system called the Bridge Drive, early ships could only travel within a several Astronomical Unit distance. This short travel meant that colonies in the solar system had instant travel. 2067: A newer bridge prototype could send ships in theory of a distance of thirty kiloparsecs in distance in an instant. It was dubbed "Project Columbus", a plan to reverse engineer the Elder FTL technology even further. To test the range, a new probe was under construction by Helios Corporation to discover more life in the Galaxy and to warn other companies to avoid them. 2077: The Aries Corporation, a massive private military corporation that went to work on constructing the Project Columbus probe from Helios Corporation on Titan Colony. Finishing six months after the contract was signed. Aries Corporation was given full observational privileges, as they were asked to observe the Athena Nubula. The Nebula was said to have several life sustaining worlds according to ADVENT star charts. Star charts that were said to list the homeworlds of several species that failed their experiments in centuries past. 2087: Colony ships traveled across the Milky Way, founding colonies in various sectors of the Galaxy. Most of these colonies were controlled by major corporations; some were run by civilian governments and religious cults. Major corporations that usually had massive cities that were built, with real estate that was sold to the colonists. Colonists that enjoyed the security of the private police, and the strong private armies that were on guard around the cities. 2110: Many of the colonial megacorporations built their own navies, or were defended by very large PMC organizations. Navies that used the advanced technology of the Elders to create ship beam weapons that could destroy continents with an aimed shot. Each of these ships were said to be capable of world-destroying mass devastation by some private media outlets. These fake news exaggerations lead to the resurgence of Communism in some small self-governed colonies. Due to this massive naval expansion, this lead to the hated organization known as the New Communist Coalition. 2120: The colony of New Massachusetts was founded in the Athena Nebula by GalaxCorp, a company who's whole stake was in that small colony. GalaxCorp's CEO was an ambitious man named Alexander Shepard, a man who founded the company on massive loans. Making the vast amounts of money from the real-estate, and the massive mineral wealth of the colony. In just less than twenty years after the colony's founding, it had grown to a population of 5, 000, 000 people. Because of all the business and employment opportunities of the colony. 2140: Helios Corporation had found a massive trove of alien artifacts of an alien civilization on Mars. Mars being a largely unexplored, as the company was too busy surveying for minerals to refine into the Ethereal alloys for materials companies. After the discovery, the President and many other wealthy individuals had disappeared according to many news articles. Mentioning the information of the archives had something to with it. Rumor had it, they built a ship and went to the Andromeda Galaxy in response to what they found. But whatever had happened, Helios Corporation had went bankrupt with most of their assets being bought by many other smaller companies. 2157: An unknown massive alien fleet was reported besieging the colony known as New Massachusetts. Aliens being a threat had faded away into legend and sci-fi once more, this newer generations never expected this. Nor did they expect having to defend their way of life, possibly their species from aliens that wanted to conquer them. Coming as conquerors they seemed to do when they started to bomb the colony according to reports. Reports that led to a pre-ADVENT organization being spotted again for the first time in 122 years since the fall of ADVENT. Around the frontier world of New Massachusetts, a large battle is ensuing in the upper-atmosphere of the planet. A battle that is being fought by two sides; a powerful Human corporation's PMCs, and an unknown alien threat. The corporations fleet while few in number is powerful nonetheless, using powerful fusion lances that often cut the largest alien ships like red hot knife through butter. Lights of the fusion lances were all bright white lights that could be seen from the sky of the planet, but would scorch a person's retinas like looking into laser beam. Human ships are getting hit, their shields flaring with a bright crimson hue. There is fifty human ships, and grand total of almost a thousand alien ships that are swarming the Human vessels like locusts. Fighting in swarms because the Humans had the superior defensive formation from the beginning, almost like they are prepared. Prepared from the beginning for a large alien or corporate war that could reach the colony. Around the colony, the aliens are using ships that are birdlike, yet have an extremely utilitarian design that was ruff and mildly degraded. GalaxCorp ships had designs that are smooth and long, with very little signs of damage on them. Aliens seeming to have the tougher looking ships, but are much weaker than most of the Human's ships. Wreckage of alien ships are littering the orbit, almost forming a small ring of junk and debris around the planet, like a celestial ring. Each Human ship's broadside gun is like a finger of a god, a very powerful god of destruction that obliterates enemy vessels with ease. Despite the ease of destruction with beam-based energy attacks on alien vessels like they're made of Pre-ADVENT materials. They're as relentless as a samurai army, which possibly signifies they were desperate. Getting more and more desperate as they change their formations with every hundred losses. Formations of the alien fleet are erractic, changing formation each time a ship is gutted by the beams each ship used. Each beam striking the alien ships like a lance of energy, cutting large holes into enemy ships like a white blade that stretched 10, 000 miles long. Protracting and retracting with every firing of the Human ships' weapons. The aliens' response to this by traveling farther, and splitting apart, as each ship would shoot them like fish in a barrel of water. GalaxCorp ships were in the formation called the "Bobarov Defense", where ships defend a planet by simply stationing a battleship every 980 mile radius of the orbit. Battleships in these position could destroy any enemy ship from landing or bombardment. Landing being the highest priority for defense, because corporations do not want technological secrets being leaked to aliens or competitors. Because either one of those parties could be bad news; the former risking the extinction of Humanity in general. The Bobarov Defense is working perfectly, the alien ships either got crippled and left as sitting ducks around orbit; or being utterly destroyed with large, fifty meter holes burned through. Formation changes to their fleets are not helping, being destroyed by up to four of the fusion lances with laser-like accuracy. Four ships are being destroyed by one ship during each turn of the fusion lances aboard like naval retractable blades of gods. Despite that, they still keep trying to find away around the orbital defensive formation despite being massively outgunned like Sherman tanks. Edger is witnessing the fighting from XCOM's experimental cloaked stealth ship, referred to as the Avenger II on the computer monitors. XCOM knowing and keeping tabs on the aliens through a network of androids in their space. They called themselves Turians, and Edger knew all about their culture except their military. Edger is leaving the holographic computer monitor quickly with a look of revenge in his eyes that are surprising the technicians in the room. Not revenge, but ruthless determination disguised as a look of revenge for the colony that was being assaulted by Turians. Intel of this attack was shoddy at best, so nobody knows about them. These Turians are either pirates or a military fleet acting on its own Edger was thinking, but are there with military-grade vessels. Vessels that are, to his knowledge out of reach for most pirate gangs. So did the corporation approach a mass relay? Or were just at the wrong place at the wrong time? So many questions so little answers. Opening the door, he is noticing a group of two soldiers that are in his squad are all fully geared and ready for their job on the field. One of the soldiers is handing Edger an Aries Corporation SG23 Storm Gun so he would be able to cripple one of the Turians with a shot to the legs. "Commander, take these weapons for the mission you've planned, " says Laci leaning against the titanium door, as she's giving him the weapon. "Thanks. Or I can use the Helios AX12 Blade to sever the turian's legs. In both scenarios its limbs are cauterized. " "Right!? If you like getting your face shot up by slugs from those guns? Sure? But use this gun for the job, " explaining Laci Traynor sarcastically, with her arms crossed. "We're the only support you get! The Directorate wants us to maneuver around the fighting between GalaxCorp Soldiers and the Turians, " explaining Harper with a grizzled West Coast American accent in a logical tone. "Yes. The brutes that are known to get paid more for their body count per job. No training required, " replies Edger sarcastically. Edger is holding the gun in his hands while walking through the only deck of the ship. It is a small ship, about the size of a large supply barge. But neither side of the fight on the surface and in orbit is able to see the ship, making it the most advanced ship XCOM's arsenal. It's interiors are made from titanium with archways and designs mirroring the original Avenger from the "during-ADVENT" days. This Avenger however was streamlined for space travel in hostile, Citadel territory where humans are only known by their destroyed Asari androids on Korlus. Humanity currently does not want to be known by the Citadel. It is also one of the few human ships that is outfitted like a spy submarine in interior design; with the only alien technology being cloaking and UFO repulsers. Claoking that's done with exorbitantly expensive Hyperwave technology that few corporations and XCOM have. Laci is asking with concern, while walking in the hallway, "Don't we have robots cleverly disguised as Asari keeping tabs on the Turians? And the Council as well! " "They're hopefully just pirates. What we have to is capture one of these soldiers to find out. And either way hope that my brother's company's private army wipes them out with no survivors, " saying Edger in an uneasy yet calm smile. Trying to emulate emotion "Hopefully so! " In a flash, an XCOM Spaceranger craft is appearing from nothing, out of thin air like a de-cloaking UFO. XCOM's shuttlecraft is showing up, without even the wormhole that accompanies ships that 'bridge' to a destination in the cosmos. A small ground skirmish is being held with the Turians and GalaxCorp soldiers; both sides being at a standstill. GalaxCorp had the edge in weaponry and soldiering, but the Turians are outnumbering their army a hundred to one and were using superior strategy. Soldiers on the GalaxCorp are liking fact they were outnumbered, more enemies would undoubtedly lead to more kills, and more pay. To XCOM they see it more as a bunch of cocky, trigger-happy with low-high grade plasma weapons and powered armor than an army of pros like the Turians. But yet, GalaxCorp soldiers are still inflicting massive casualties on the Turian forces in spite of this skill gap. XCOM have their own agenda: to make sure these Turians were nothing more than an exclusive race-based pirate or raider group. Council species would not take kindly to the fact that Humans have massively unfettered free enterprise in their space. Humanity's lack of a central state to enforce laws would also cause them to enforce laws on Humanity. Edger wants neither of these to happen, Human society is perfect the way it is currently. But as Edger is looking on the holographic viewscreen on the side bulkhead of the Spaceranger, he's started to feel a sliver anxiety. "These pirates are packing some mighty ass gear for a colony raid? Definitely a big ass military fleet rolling in, " Laci Traynor as she's commenting on the military battle between the Turian force and the GalaxCorp soldiers. "Or they could be a pirate force with a lot of funding. A certain government in the Citadel Council funds criminal activity, " responding Edger with an unoticable, uneasy smile at the Colonel. "The Batarians? They're too small to fund a pirate gang of this scale without going unnoticed. Maybe a wandering military patrol from the Hierarchy, " said Harper, scoffing at his commander's denial from beside him. "Well. We're just going to have to hope that the Turians exhaust their forces here. And this region of space the next Omega 4 Relay. " "Your father founded a colony in Asari space. Fourteen lightyears from their homeworld to be specific. How have they gone under the radar for this long, " Harper responding with his usual perfectly calm demeanor. "Four light years is a long ass way to go in space. Ass loads of resources are required to travel for that long without a relay. If we waste the Birds here, they won't bother traveling to the colony again. With how thick and indecisive the Council is, they won't bother investigating this region after we waste the birds' fleet disappearance, " saying Laci in her loud, yet logical word to Ed's front left. "I hope so too Edger. Our race's freedom is in jeopordy once again if the Council finds any human world, " saying Harper in what seemed to be concern, yet only appears more logical than emotional. "We have to hope that GalaxCorp kills them all before any retreat passed the defense formation's range. XCOM is still too small to take the Turians head on. " As soon as the ventral hatch of the Spacerange is opened, the soldiers inside are beginning to move out. All of them taking cover by the steel sheets that is a piece of a collapsed skyscraper in the city that the fighting between the two groups is taking place. Each piece of steel rubble is six feet high, barely high, and not high enough for the commander who's two meters tall. But at least it is smart that Edger brought a helmet that was strong enough to deflect a hit from an ezzo AM rifle. AM rifles will still cause severe internal bleeding and kill a soldier if it's a direct shot to the head. "Harper, any leads of our enemies actions. No visibility from my cover, " asking Edger, with a sign of anxiety in his voice. "X-Rays are more interested in the GalaxCorp military force, sir! We can move out, " replying Harper from the smaller piece of steel sheeted rubble. "Let's go capture us a Turian! Kill them if you have to. But answer their pleas for surrender if these X-Rays are cowardly enough, " "What if they don't cooperate? " "Worm into their head and claim you're an Ardhat-Yahkshi, Harper. Mindrape them until he's broken and willing to give what we want. " "After what these bitches did to your brother's livelyhood! I say kill any that don't surrender. Catch one of guard you shoot to maim and cripple one, " proclaims Laci on the right from her crouched position in half-cover. Edger saying while cocking an E-115, which is charging the shot for the next fight he is about to get into in the next few minutes. "Move out! " Gun fire is wailing from a gun a Turian in place behind a wrecked sports car around the rubble of shop nearby. One shot hits Edger's shoulder, which is protected by shielding derived from the force fields of the UFOs of the Ethereals. Shields that unlike the kinetic barriers never recharge, and need to be recharged at the ship for several hours. Edger had known he's hit by the red, rectangular, translucent field that enveloped his vision after hearing Turian weapons' fire. It takes ten rounds to break the shield of high-end power armor from eezo based combat rifles. "Personal shields at 90%, I'm hit. Thank Cheng Industries for the shields! " The Turian is starting to lay down suppressing fire with his Elkoss Combine rifle from his medium range position. Harper, moving his heads over his right temple saying, "You're mind is mine! Hahaha! " Edger smiles, watching the Turian from cover as he heard the words from it translate, "Yes… my master. Edger is smiling, as he's watching the mind controlled Turian take cover around a flanking position behind a flanking position around his whole platoon. Aiming the assault rifle the Turian is firing torrents upon torrents of slugs at his own men like a commando. A mindless zombie that was under the influence, he is saying to soldiers in Turian, "Help! " But this Turian allies are beginning to fire back, their fire is being trained of the squad and on to him. Looking over to the next window frame that is surrounded by rubble, Edger watched the Turians ranks fall apart. Harper, behind the highest cover next to him, "Sacrifice! " The Turian is priming to hand grenade and charging at his squad with reckless abandon to his loyalty, shocking the Turian squad behind cover. Then Edger heard a boom that is cooming from the screams of Turian soldiers about to be killed by a suicide bomber. A large squib of blue blood and gore is shooting upward in the sky like a rupturing fire hydrant of gore and gib. Blood and severed and guts are decorating the rubble filled streets from that explosion of gore. Harper os acting like it's another day at the office, but Laci is smiling. "That's what I call upland huntin', " she's saying in her best from behind her cover a meter from Harper in a bad Southern US accent. "We better find out what the Turians are doing in our backdoor or else we better learn Turian, " saying Edger in his fast, concerned, native East Coast accent. They're starting to run as fast as they can through the rubble, keeping their heads low to dodge sniper fire from Turians. Through the speed, they see a military battle between two forces and it is an uphill battle for the GalaxCorp soldiers killing the Turians at the road. Edger, reaching an office building is deciding to go in and watch the enemy from the highest floor. To scout and see which soldier in that squad is the highest ranked in their army. Kicking down the door with immense force, Edger's running upwards on the stairs that are damaged and decrepit from the Turian bombing. Since the stairs are made of wood, they feel like they're going to break from under Edger's combined weight of 330 pounds in his suit. "Let me go up first. I don't want to waste time finding other viable capture options. These stairs are rickety, " saying Shepard as he is breathing slowly going up the stairs. "Roger that! " Making it to the top of second floor, he's noticing a squad of Turian soldiers nearby, examing the wrecked computers, and are standing by a hole in the floor. A hole that is reaching the first floor and into the sewers that were toxic and acidic. It is a small squad that could easily drain his shielding and kill him with several headshots. But he's forming a plan to deal with them solo, grabbing the sword in one hand and his Storm Gun in the other. One of the Turian officers in front of him is searching from the loud footsteps and chatter from the lower room. Edger's readying his fusion blade to hamstring the Turian as he moves for the stairwell next to him. Slashing is heard, as the Turian officer's hamstrings are severed by the hot as sun blade that Edger is using. An Officer laid crippled, screaming in agony from the burning pain of having both legs almost severed in one savage strike. Around the office cubicle, two Turian soldiers are tending to their fallen officer, then suddenly a sizzling charging of energy is being heard by both Turian soldiers. With a flash of green energy, both Turian soldiers are standing as their arms are falling off in shock. One of the limbless torsos fell on to the officer. It has a head, but the head is covered in a greenish, hot ash like substance with tissues burning around it. Frightened, he is beginning to push off the corpse of the dead soldier in front of him, and raised pistol at Edger. "Die! Primitive savage, " The Turian is saying as he pulled his Armax Arsenal handgun, aiming it for Ed's face. Edger's response is to grab the gun and place it on the hard metal ground and start to stomping the eezo handgun until it is nothing but broken circuits and bent aluminum. Edger is now looming over the crippled Turian with his arms crossed, and smiling. "Speak of the devil! " "Cought a live ass bird! " "Yes I did, gentlemen, " responding Edger with a looking of confidence on his face beside the prisoner. "X gon' gave it to ya, Big Bird, " saying Laci with her clever replies to everything. "Comedian, com pick us up! We got one of those Turian bastards! Alive, " saying Edger as he's pressing a button on his helmet. "You primitives are gonna pay for this. YOU are all going to be sent back to the stone age once the Council hears of this, " responding the Turian in a catastrophic amount of pain. "The Council won't do jack! This region is going to soon be like the Omega 4 Relay. They won't do jack, because they'll never hear from your sorry asses again, " replying Edger with a big smile across his face, lurching over to the Turian with his storm gun on his right shoulder. Harper is grabbing the Turian officer, putting him over his shoulders as he is ranting and raving about the Citadel Council is going to screw over Humanity. What the Turian is not understanding is the irony, they are unconfirmed on the Extranet of the asari androids and the Council's not looking into it. Doing what they always do and blame the Geth for this new infiltration unit of theirs. But it's really a robotically-controlled avatar from an intelligence operative in XCOM. Edger thinks the Council was a bunch of morons like most governments to ever exist. To him they are just a bunch idiots with ambitions that screw hard-working people for the supposed greater good. Two ropes are appearing in the whole in the ceiling, Harper with the crippled Turian in hand is grabbing the rope. Laci, is soon to grab the rope, leaving the Commander alone and he felt something eerie as he's hearing a loud growl from behind. A Turian rushed him from behind, grabbing his fusion blade and slicing one of Edger's achiles tendons with one swipe. Shields quickly flaring and breaking, as plasma tends to deplete them faster than ballistic based weapons. In response, Edger is angrily grabbing the grenades in both hands and hobbling towards to the sword carrying Turian. The whoe squad hearing a sizzling boom from the explosion of two plasma grenades. "Vigilo Confido! You Turian bastard, " as Harper and Laci watched in horror as their Commander is choosing suicide over being captured by the enemy. "Saren? … you asaroid freaks killed my brother! I'll kill you, " screaming the Turian watching his brother's possible demise from over Harper's shoulder. "Yo ass ain't killing nobody, " saying Laci in an almost reassured smile over the Commander's pride in his job. The Turian is starting to struggle and growl over Harper's shoulder, clawing over Harper's armored plates, trying to cut the alloy-woven material between his shoulder plates. Harper's only responces is to squeeze the captive harder in order to deter him. In seconds, the Turian is realizing the fighting and squirming was no use and had remained resigned to its fate when Harper is standing in the Spaceranger. In a brief expression of anger, Harper is throwing the Turian to the floor of the Spaceranger and is moving to a seat. "Hope ya get comfortable, big guy, " saying Laci in frustration because of their difficult prisoner as she's sitting down next to Harper. "I'm going to rip your throat, you deformed asari, " screeched the now in pain Turian on the walkway of the Spaceranger. "Utter any more threats, and I'll taze yo ass with this flying drone of mine, bitch! " "You're in no position to threaten a general of the Turian Hierarchy, savage! " "You're in position to threaten the Human race, " Responding Harper, his plasma rifle moving at the Turians head. "If you weren't a general, I'd turn your brains into bright green ashes. But as of right know, I still have some use for you. " "Why are you letting me live, Human? " "Simple! Information. Why did the Turians attack a colony full of innocent, hard-working people. " "Want information! Hahaha! I'll give you some, " Laughing the Turian in utter mania. "You bastards attacked us first. Those ships that our admiral is struggling to destroy. Blasted us as soon as we got too close! They didn't have the decency to warn us, they just shot us in surprise. " "Why did you morons fuck with a corporation and by extension us, big guy, " asked Laci for information, the Turians motives for attacking, with an eyebrow being raised under her visor. The Turians facial expressions are blank, being terrified of the glow of both the male humans eyes from under that plastic visor of the male human's helmet. The glow being a bright purple from the man's head that's radiating like something out of a horror vid of Ardhat-Yahkshi. But horror is what the man is currently instilling, as Desolas was slowly witnessing when seeing his home planet. In a flash of purple light, Desolas is at his home planet with his wife and son. But the skies are changing, showing the face or the man interrogating him out of his EVA helmet. Turians are running and screaming on Palavan as horned human-like demons are flying around Palaven with streaks of purple following them like a spaceship's ion stream. Turians are being ripped apart limb from limb, each demon acomplishing it with their bare hands. Now, the demons are surrounding Desolas wife and child, and the man with the glowing eyes is telling him. The voice roaring thunderously through the sky and is as deafening as turbine. "You'll tell me why you were in human space. And you can save your family, " says the Giant face in the sky. "We're just exploring, " responding the Turian General. "Hahahaha! " One of the hooved and horns is grabbing his with one hand and casting a red portal around them to send his wife. The demon is letting loose of his fingers oover his wives neck about to drop her into a crimson, burning abyss. A demon is smilling as he's hand is getting looser, dropping his wife into the burning abyss, where she is screaming like a banshee. "Tell me the correct answer or else your son will be dropped into hell, General Desolas, " threatening the face that is stroking hair tauntingly. "Shit! " "We were on recon. Asari scientists found evidence of a spacefaring civilization the system we attacked. The Turians wanted to make contact first so we could have a new client race, " saying Desolas, as he is laying on the streets of Cipritine, pleading to the god in the sky. "That's fine, you Turian bastard! " He is no longer in the streets of Cipritine, he's now in the rectangular cabin of a Human drop ship, at the mercy of his captors. "You're free to go, Desolas, " saying Harper as the ventral hatch is opening, letting the stored atmosphere vent out over the red sky of the planet. Desolas seemingly uneasily relieved. I'll do the honors. For the Commader, " saying Laci as the ventral hatch of the Spacerange is opening behind Desolas. Laci gets up and kicks the Turian General down the ventral hatch with the force of a biotic kick from her enhanced strength of her armor. And she calmly sits back down as the hatch begins to close in front of her with a look of a payback smile on his face. "Well, I hope I'll send the Directorate my report acting commander. This information will prove crucial to Contingency Protocol Beta, " saying Harper his hand cover his visor, because of the successful, yet complicated mission. This is a crossover story, I Came up with.




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