Watch Break on Thru: A Celebration of Ray Manzarek and The Doors 85







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Mr Mojo Risin <3. Im a massive doors 50/50 if im going 2 the movies on 12th feb cos lets b honest,only 4 people can play and be the doors,and this looks like a free 4 ray is and never was was a bday ray.


The doors rock and will always be one of my favorite bands, but the drummer thats playing with them now sounds like hes never heard a doors song in his life. i mean hes just not capturing that densmore drum sound u feel. ♥️ 💔 PeaCe&ReSPeCt, Shelley Anne. The doors 4 ever. my 12 years until today.

LOVE THIS MOVIE. Ray was the heart of The was The Doors. I mean, I love Jim and the other guys too, but Manzarek was the only one who kept going with his music an legacy until the very late months of his life. And I think if it wasn't for Morrison's death, The Doors would have been played in the 70's, 80's, 90's and 00' like the Stones. Ray deeply wished that. This is not only interesting in terms of the history of the group and the songs, it's also the most instructional video on song composition for organ I've ever seen ! Really clear.

I love his voice. So pure. I will always remember you here on earth my brother. Rest easy & be happy.
Daryl & his house, you're lovely. thanx you for so many memories; ray & kregier & densmore: i send love to robbie & john & ray's family. I love you. Find peace, now.
There was something about this time. this era. The Earth passed through a section of the Universe where this music was possible, I sense... There were a lot of bad things, too, but the music helped salve the wounds. There are still bad things, now, but the music doesn't seem to do the same thing as it did, then. no soothing. Ah, well.


When good rock and roll died and drugs took over, killed a lot of my generation, sad.

RIP Jim ♥️. I was there☺. I love you Robby.❤️. Yeeeeeaaaaa. John and Robbie should play with bassist Jerry Scheff and that fat singer, I don´t know his name but he has the Voice. Check out LA woman with Jerry Scheff. Oh, Jim, you beautiful, beautiful man. Stoned, immaculate and young forever. Watch The Doors: Break on Thru - A Celebration of ray manzarek.

This guy really impressed my life when I was 15 year old! ONE of the best

A legend of rock music, and a very friendly, modest one. RIP. Light my fire had harmony, and only one mike. John is such a awesome drummer. Depois dessa, sou ainda mais fã do Manson! Translated by Google: After that, I'm still more a fan of Manson. I don't know, but an autopsy was performed, perhaps he has anomaly to heart, it seems strange that. Watch The Doors: Break on Thru - A Celebration of Ray manzarek.

Warren Haynes is great. He can play and sing almost anything

Rip ray. can't we live forever.



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